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It's weird how even though we all went to see That's My Boy this weekend, it still only made $13 million at the box office, making it one of Adam Sandler's least successful movies of all time. Maybe…   Read Story »
So I've been watching the NBA finals, because often life doesn't turn out the way you expect and actually turns out MUCH more boring then you could ever have imagined, and last night there was a…   Read Story »
For those of you wondering whether or not Pete's receding hairline on Mad Men was natural and perfect or unnatural and shaven, here is an interview in which he talks about it. (He actually has no…   Read Story »
Matthew Weiner spoke with the New York Times about "The Phantom," Mad Men's season finale, and answered every question plainly and fully and now everyone is on the same page about it, just kidding!   Read Story »
If your dad is anything like Don Draper, I'm sure he would love some pottery lessons for Father's Day. (Also I bet he loves being an almost completely static character whose TV show I'm not excited…   Read Story »
Well, OK. For the most hit-or-miss season of Mad Men thus far, last night's season finale makes perfect sense. Oh, it was still a great season of a great television show to be sure, but it took a lot…   Read Story »
I am aware that this particular Game of Thrones GIF is not from the season finale of Game of Thrones that we all talked about this week, but that is just something that everyone's going to have to…   Read Story »
The Lab has an excerpt from an interview Bryan Cranston did with Nicolas Winding Refn, mostly about Drive, and it's a worthwhile read both because it is a pretty small excerpt and because we like…   Read Story »
Last night, a friend who hasn't seen any of the most recent season of Mad Men googled "Mad Men," or something, to find out what season they're up to (Season 5) and in .5 seconds had the entire season…   Read Story »
HOO BOY. Before we even get INTO it, you guys might remember in the run-up to this season there was that bus poster ad that featured a "man" mannequin in a smoking jacket sitting in a chair looking…   Read Story »