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Oh my god, look at how DISGUSTING Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré look in their bathing suits on this beach while filming Mad Men! So gross. Cover up, you guys. Literally NO ONE wants to see what either…   Read Story »
What's your favorite thing that baby Don Draper does? Is it when he psychologically abuses and/or cruelly ignores his long-suffering wife? Is it when he lies about his identity to his own family? Is…   Read Story »
Apparently Philly Justice, which, as far as I know, is only a joke based on a photograph that someone on the cast of Parks and Recreation tweeted or something, could possibly become a real web…   Read Story »
Oh look, it is a new photo of womanizing alcoholic Don Draper at his desk at Dunder Mifflin Advertising Company in the year 1904 or whatever. So handsome. Such a bad person. You love him so much. In…   Read Story »
Do you go to Oberlin? Do you want to write for The Grape? No? What if I told you that Lena Dunham wrote for The Grape? Do you want to write for it now? Ok perfect, I'll see you at the general…   Read Story »
"Ann Romney Is Ann Veal" -HyperVocal Stephen King set a release date for the sequel to The Shining and it is going to be released in about a year from now. This has been today's "sequel to The…   Read Story »
We all logged onto the Internet today willingly, so.   Read Story »
There is a life-sized David Duchovny stunt double mannequin up on eBay right now. Just, you know, giving you a head's up about it. Just FYI. Auction ends tomorrowish. It's not that expensive right…   Read Story »
Kirk Demarais's online gallery of colored pencil portraits of TV and movie families is great. You're going to like it, I pretty much promise, though I don't even know you at all, so definitely no…   Read Story »
Universal has found writers for Jurassic Park 4, about five or so years after the project was originally announced, and they are the same writers who wrote Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Good news?…   Read Story »