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I miss Game of Thrones! JK. I mean, I do. Game of Thrones is so great. But I am an adult, I can handle there not being new episodes of a show I like for awhile. Not to mention that there are other…   Read Story »
Fictional movie locations depicted as mid-century travel posters. -LaughingSquid After last night's Mad Men, AMC sent out a press release from "Peggy Olsen" announcing the agency's rebranding.…   Read Story »
Last night's episode of Mad Men: would you hit it?!   Read Story »
Here are some photos of Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton moving around together on the set of Nick Cassavetes' The Other Woman. They have fun. -Dlisted Max Silvestri is Pete Holmes' guest…   Read Story »
I am still really supporting our Internet Hero in my heart and in my mind, even though it has been a few days since his video blew up the web, which in web time is roughly 34 weeks. I LOVE YOU, HERO!…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: How are you? Gabe: i'm pretty good thanks Gabe: how are you? Kelly: I'm okay! Kelly: All right, enough small talk Gabe: phew Gabe: i was like, let's…   Read Story »
The first promo picture of Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the BBC America's upcoming Burton & Taylor was released today. Very realistic…   Read Story »
Look, this season of Mad Men is phenomenal. I would say that it's my favorite season out of all the seasons so far, except that the only reason it's able to be (one of) my favorite season(s) is…   Read Story »
Bill Hader is ending his eight-year run on Saturday Night Live with the season finale this Saturday. Oh no! Oh noooooo! R.I.P., my love! -NYTimes If you are trying to avoid spoilers for How I Met…   Read Story »