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"Hmm, I wonder what Mad Men would be like as a 'choose your own adventure' style 8-bit game, because I am a nerd, and also I am fictional."   Read Story »
AMC sent Mad Men screeners to a bunch of nerds.   Read Story »
Here are some FIRST LOOKS at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his upcoming film, Looper. He looks mostly normal, but like he is making a weird face and has weird clothes on and painted-on beard scruff.…   Read Story »
Here we are again, another week come and gone, and another set of GIFs to scroll through to aid in our memory of it. Do you even remember the beginning of this week? The Academy Awards happened!…   Read Story »
The new season of Mad Men premieres on March 25th with a two-hour basically-a-movie episode, and today there is a new Mad Men poster to promote it, and ARE YOU SO EXCITED? "Any little bit helps" -…   Read Story »
We like to have fun here with beautiful, famous actresses who appear in interviews saying that they were unpopular and/or bullied during their high school years. "We have fun." Generally it's because…   Read Story »
Looks like the gang hasn't decided to take an honest look at their lives and come to the conclusion that they need to work on their hurtful and self-destructive behavior yet! #March25   Read Story »
Jon Hamm gave a few more hints about the next season of Mad Men in this interview that you can read right now! Will he stay with that secretary and never sleep with another woman again? Will his kids…   Read Story »
Hey, remember Citizen Marketing? Well it never left.   Read Story »
Here are a collection of graffitied Mad Men subway posters. If I were to graffiti one I'd draw the guy falling into a wedding ring. And then I'd write, "This season, everyone stays faithful and does…   Read Story »