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Here is your first (very brief) look at the upcoming season of Mad Men. Looks like Don's still on the show, which is good! -Vulture Drake is hosting (and musical guesting) this weekend's episode of…   Read Story »
Game of Thrones season four trailer, you guys. -HBO Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg interviewed Golden Globe winner Chelsea Peretti for Elle, mostly about a mutual middle school friend, and it…   Read Story »
SHOWS ARE BACK! Oh, thank goodness. Thank goodness our summer-long nightmare is over and we can finally both watch and GIF our shows! Please do not click through unless you have seen the most recent…   Read Story »
Not long ago, waiting an extra year for the final half of the final season of one of television's best dramas could have seemed, for some, like the worst life-ruining nightmare that the devil could…   Read Story »
Scarlett Johansson is engaged to some dude. THEY GIVE AWAAWDS FOR ENGAGEMENTS. -Dlisted Benedict Cumberbatch is going to take the lead role of Percy Fawcett in Lost City of Z. Just when you've…   Read Story »
"NOT GREAT, BOB!" Have you quoted that to a friend yet? Like, you're making dinner in the kitchen and you just dropped a bowl of pasta sauce and it's all over the ground and your clothes and your…   Read Story »
You: So...? Someone: So what? You: So do you recognize my house? Someone: Hmmm... You: Think...think about houses you've seen recently... Someone: Is it one of the houses you emailed me…   Read Story »
And so it is. After a particularly great season, especially as compared to last season, last night's finale was way less "fun" than many of the season's episodes and a total emotional bummer, but…   Read Story »
Is everyone ready for some MIAMI HEEEAAAAAAT GIFS?! Aahahhaha. Just kidding. We don't have any of those because it isn't really in our purview. Did you laugh out loud or no? If you laughed out loud,…   Read Story »
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues poster, you guys. -/Film Russell Crowe is going to make his directorial debut with The Water Diviner. Did you win your Russell Crowe directorial debut pool?!…   Read Story »