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Almost TOO seamless! People watching this scene were like, whoa. WHOA. Honey! PAUSE THE SHOW! I HAVE TO CHECK OUT THESE PRODUCTS! Guys, I have never actually watched Elementary, so maybe it is the…   Read Story »
On a scale of 1-10, how much would you enjoy seeing someone riding towards you in this Pee-Wee Herman bicycle skinsuit? 0? 11? Click through to see the full suit! Eeek! -TheWorldsBestEver The Pulp…   Read Story »
Look, a banana dipped in Nutella that looks like Ron Swanson! It's a miracle! A delicious apparition. -BuzzFeedFood Watch Disney's Hand-Drawn/CG Short Paperman In Full -/Film Let's send some…   Read Story »
Oh no, guys! Netflix's contract with Starz is expiring this week! That means you have to finish watching SO MANY THINGS in your queue right now or you'll never see them again!!! I'm not sure if this…   Read Story »
This week's nominee, Domino, is loosely based on the life of an actual human being named Domino Harvey (sure, very real name, yes), who was the daughter of an Oscar-nominated actor named Laurence…   Read Story »
Sure, we all loved The Matrix. It was fun. Bullet Time! The Red Pill! THERE IS NO SPOON! But the problem with iconic films is that no matter how fun or interesting they are, and no matter how…   Read Story »