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Coke willingly lost himself in the relationship. From the outside it looked like lava was suffocating him, like he wasn't his own man anymore, but coke didn't care about what other people thought,…   Read Story »
Are you looking for a handsome suitor? Would you not mind being taken on vacation after vacation with various celebrities, being immediately accepted into their circle, and having so many celebrity…   Read Story »
Oh my god. You know how we're pretty sure that if either of us ever met Robert Pattinson it would be just, like, love at first sight or whatever? For him? And how you said you know that he would be…   Read Story »
A little something to help you stay cool during this heatwave. (Thanks for the tip, Joey!)   Read Story »
(Headphones up!) That night the shadow could hardly get any sleep. "If my human doesn't love me, who will? Who would ever love such an ugly ass bitch of a shadow?" Shadow tears formed on the…   Read Story »
I know it isn't Valentine's Day yet, and I'm sure you're not even wearing the lighted heart broach you bought to wear to the office (though you should be, because you might as well get a few days of…   Read Story »
As of today, February 4th, Valentine's Day is only ten days away. "Oh no! BUT I DIDN'T MAKE ANY RESERVATIONS YET AND NOW ALL OF THE NICE RESTAURANTS WILL BE FULL AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I DO THIS EVERY…   Read Story »
Sure, it is easy to laugh at a man who has a life-sized replica of a train in his basement because he has "always wanted to have a train in the basement." We'll roll our eyes and say, "Okay, train…   Read Story »
Well, I guess if you're going to release a video on YouTube wherein you propose to your girlfriend while she films you talking about alchemy and doing a magic trick, forcing us to assume that this is…   Read Story »
In a world full of Ryan Roxes -- kids out there making high-budget music videos with money from who knows where, promoting unhealthy lifestyles, living out their half-baked fantasies -- it's…   Read Story »