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One day you could wake up after a night of bad sleep, one in a series of restless nights, only to find that there isn't enough coffee left in the coffee grinder to make even one cup. "Oh, come on!"…   Read Story »
This guy is called the Lottery Guru, and as you will see, he is clearly very rich and has definitely got millions of dollars in the bank. He also has a ton of tips for how we can all win the lottery,…   Read Story »
The state-sponsored lottery system is basically a nightmare. It's subsidized gambling that preys on the socio-economically disadvantaged (who often don't even have the proper money-management skills…   Read Story »
It's rare for a predatory form of low-stakes gambling that feeds primarily off of the nation's poorest citizens who can least afford to play, and who are often willfully ignorant of the disastrous…   Read Story »