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One thing about life is that death could come at any second. Maybe you will wake up and put your feet on the floor and there will be a poisonous spider there waiting to bite you. Or maybe you will…   Read Story »
Just a couple of chaps budgin' it up with their paper lorries, until one of the jammy arses gets his bit in the bin! BLOODY HELL! Class. (Via VVV.)   Read Story »
Make no mistake: MTV's Skins is terrible. It's cheap and lame and puts the emphasis in the wrong place. Also, I've noticed that even after celebrating my 99th birthday this year, I still have…   Read Story »
Those of you who subscribe to Comedy Nerd Fancy magazine may remember the now-defunct website, SuperDeluxe, of the late '00s. It was put together by Turner Broadcasting and the people at Adult Swim,…   Read Story »