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We don't do a lot of giveaways around here, because giveaways can be kind of a hassle, and also how many Bones Season 4 rubber coin wallets do you guys really want? But when the offer came to host a…   Read Story »
Orlando Bloom was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England today. He is now an honorary Bachelor of the Having a Pretty Face Arts. (No elfo.) Or maybe it is for…   Read Story »
Kanye West's new "Coldest Winter (remix)" video, you guys: Yikes. That is just an incredibly cold winter. On the plains of Mordor or whatever this is. Kanye is like, "one beat to rule them…   Read Story »
Maybe it's because I watched Role Models again this week (the unrated version, wooo-woooooo, so dirty), but I found this new, not-late-at-all-because-Role-Models-just-came-out-on-DVD-remember mashup…   Read Story »
As a professional author of fan fiction, I'm always on the look out for ways to improve my craft, and the best way is to read the work of my peers. But the next best way is to have a comedian read…   Read Story »