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Sad news today for the Lopeziacs. From the Hollywood Reporter: TBS is pulling the plug on its late night effort, Lopez Tonight. According to a network spokesperson, Thursday night will be the…   Read Story »
In light of last night's premiere of Conan O'Brien's new talk show, the Internet has been humming with news of his debut ratings and how they compare to Jay Leno's and David Letterman's numbers.…   Read Story »
Before we even get started, let me just say one thing real quick to the Internet at large: RELAX. I know that this clip is a couple months old. On top of that, it's just some clip from a late night…   Read Story »
Last night, Charlie Day was on Lopez Tonight. Oof. He talks about golf. A lot. His teeth look great. Maybe interviews on TV are hard? I don't know. Kill your heroes.   Read Story »
With all of the attention being paid to the Conan/Leno fiasco, people have been ignoring the important work of George Lopez, namely his attempts to determine who is blacker, Snoop Dogg, or Charles…   Read Story »
As you know, George Lopez is getting his own 10PM talk show on TBS this fall, because apparently 2009 is the year that TV finally tries to kill 10PM once and for all. Between this and The Jay Leno…   Read Story »
It's weird that my George Lopez Google Alert didn't pick up on his new talk show, coming to TBS weeknights at 10PM. JUST WHAT WE NEED! "He hates these 10PMs! Stay away from the 10PMs!"   Read Story »