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That new Daft Punk song featuring Pharrell can go fuck itself because this summer it is all about Sarah Dunne's "Mwah." Roll down the windows. Fire up the grill. Plug up your ears. Chop off your head.   Read Story »
If this was a movie, young A.J. Clemente would come from a hard scrabble family. His father's out of the picture, and we see a scene in which A.J. comes home to find his mom passed out again on the…   Read Story »
On most days, things would be very different, but somehow today Schwarz is just a straight up American Hero. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND AND HOPEFUL MESSAGE, SCHWARZ, U R BEAUTIFUL 2. (Thanks for the…   Read Story »
You can afford to take your time in the video when your rap game is so tight. If anything, a more visually compelling music video would detract from how dope the rhymes are, and how well they match…   Read Story »
A friend of mine was in from out of town this week. We went out for drinks the other night. He's in the process of buying a brownstone in Brooklyn, and his wife is pregnant with their first child.…   Read Story »
Sometimes you'll hear about a celebrity (used here in the broadest terms) doing something that a few years earlier you would not have guessed that they would be reduced to doing, and for a moment you…   Read Story »
Haha. Is it still a demo if it's PERFECT? We have crossed the Uncanny Valley and now I don't even know where the hell we are. Yogurtland, probably. "Get real." (Thanks for the tip, Hassian.)   Read Story »
Admittedly, this is some inside baseball shit right here, but if you're going to pay any attention to what is happening in the worlds of comedy and television then you might as well pay actual…   Read Story »
Obviously these kids are so great, but let's all give it up for the host, right? "It's a guy flick. Let's face it, it's a guy flick." OH NO, TOTALLY, I KNOW, RIGHT? "If you didn't see that, I mean,…   Read Story »
Ladies, I have some bad news: your favorite living dildo and star of the film Remember Me, Robert Pattinson, is totally that guy at the party. He probably doesn't even say anything as he picks up the…   Read Story »