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Last night's 30 Rock was gangbusters! I've already watched it three times. Sometimes I come across a person who doesn't watch 30 Rock, and I really can't help but feel sorry for them, because…   Read Story »
We know! We know! But let's be Red Sox fans about this. If one more person says "Jon Hamm is definitely going to be on 30 Rock in a multi-episode arc as Liz Lemon's love interest in a landslide of…   Read Story »
Oh, who are we kidding, there was never any dilemma and nobody is waiting all the way until next Thursday to watch 30 Rock. The management of pop culture expectations is a solemn and sacred…   Read Story »
Just got word that NBC has moved up the online premiere of 30 Rock to 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific. The episode will go live in exactly 30 minutes at this direct link.   Read Story »
At 3pm Eastern,12pm Pacific time today (exact time scoop!), NBC will put the full premiere episode of 30 Rock's much-needed Season 3 online simultaneously on Hulu and The "real" premiere on…   Read Story »
With just 20 days until the best comedy in the whole entire world comes back to TV to give us a reason to live other than the election, NBC premiered a new promo for the third season of 30 Rock last…   Read Story »
The season premiere of 30 Rock is just four and a half weeks away -- so close that NBC is already running promos for it to mercilessly tease us. I didn't notice this part when the promo aired during…   Read Story »