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(Before I begin, the answer is "yes.") We saw recently a public marriage proposal in which a man hired actors to play the roles of his girlfriend and his self in a short film about their…   Read Story »
Uhhhhhhh...THIS IS THE BEST! I'm sorry, Keenan, but there's a new Keenan in town and he has a large wardrobe of snuggies for some reason and he knows how to make it look like he is in a Beyonce video…   Read Story »
Time flies, doesn't it? About a year ago it seemed like you couldn't go one day without seeing a new viral video of a public marriage proposal, and then in the bunch of months after that point it's…   Read Story »
Headphones UP! People probably think this is a very funny video from a clever little brat, but considering that Tyga raps "get your grandma on my dick" in the very first verse, I think it's a…   Read Story »
Of course this hits the Internet two minutes after the Best Viral Videos of 2011 montage goes up. Oh well. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon and Jane.)   Read Story »
An alternate title for this video might also be "Right On Time." (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)   Read Story »
YESSSSSSSSS! Pretty sure this is what Rebecca Black meant when she sang "Fun, fun, fun, fun/Lookin' forward to the weekend/weekend." Rebecca Black references, you guys. Whatever. It's Friday, boss.…   Read Story »
I was listening to the radio this morning and in addition to a 30km evacuation zone surrounding the Fukushima nuclear power plant, there was another 20km (yeah I listen to BBC radio sometimes,…   Read Story »
Some of us were out of town last week, could have been any of us, really, almost impossible to say with certainty, but so for those of us who were out of town, and again, there's no need to point…   Read Story »