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Apparently there are people out there who think this newly identified species of monkey looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. I do not see it and, frankly, am shocked that no one is comparing it to that ruined…   Read Story »
I've never watched an actual episode of Dr. Phil, and I am not about to start now. One time I did see him berating a mother AND her daughter for, like, having problems, but I had to turn it off. He…   Read Story »
James Franco is looking to cast both a "James Franco type" and a "Lindsay Lohan type" in what is to definitely be the most perfect ("non-James Franco biopic") film of our time. Plz e-mail him if ur 1…   Read Story »
At least SOMEONE has the courage to stand up to the President of the United States when he's asleep at the wheel. Once again, Lindsay Lohan tweets truth to power. I'm not sure what Mitt Romney's…   Read Story »
Oh, what a week! Speaking of these Olympic parents, have you guys been watching the Olympics? I have. I have watched so much Olympics this Olympics, without a doubt more than I have ever watched in…   Read Story »
Poor, ruined Hollywood baby Lindsay Lohan is in "the news" today for what some are calling a bizarre request she made of the crew while filming a sex scene for her recent project, The Canyons. OH…   Read Story »
Just when some of us may have been worried that we wouldn't be able to watch our favorite show about clips from Internet videos, it's been announced that Shaq is going to have HIS OWN show about…   Read Story »
Today is Lindsay Lohan's birthday. Happy birthday, Lindsay Lohan. Please be careful with your life and maybe move into the woods and just read some books in a cabin for a while. -Dlisted Speaking…   Read Story »
Friday, friday, gonna get down on Friday! It's upsetting to me that rarely a Friday goes by when I DON'T think of that Rebecca Black song at least one time. (It's also rare that a weekend goes by…   Read Story »