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[Ed. Note: Publishing this will increase our Star Wars coverage in the past 24 hours to 2 posts. Let your boyfriend know that if he wants to check out the site, today would be the day to do it.…   Read Story »
(This week, we're highlighting some of our favorite Videogum posts / video-related moments of 2008. So that's why things look different, and are old, this week. And Happy Almost New…   Read Story »
When I put up the collection of lightsaber mash-up videos last week, I sent it to my friend Max Silvestri, and he was inspired to create his own: The best part about this video is that Max got the…   Read Story »
The Star Wars kid has gotten a lot of shit over the years, mainly because he's not a professional. He simply didn't have the training necessary to pull off that fight sequence. On the other hand,…   Read Story »