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This is a screengrab of actress Chloe Moretz's Twitter page. She tweets her thoughts and prayers to the people in Boston, then she retweets two articles about herself, and then she tweets again about…   Read Story »
Tom Cruise appeared on a German talk show where he was asked questions about his separation from Katie Holmes and provides us with our Quote of the Day (And Week) (via Dlisted): I did not expect…   Read Story »
Here's the thing, guys: when you think about it, life is kind of like one big LMFAO concert. STAY WITH ME HERE FOR ONE SECOND. For one thing, you can barely even understand how you got here. You…   Read Story »
A couple's wedding day is, I think I can speak generally here, forever held as one of the most beautiful days of their lives, remembered as OH NO OH MY GOODNESS WHAT IS GOING ON AND ALSO WHY? From…   Read Story »
You slowly chip away and chip away, while everyone looking at what you're doing thinks, "Oh no. I don't know if this is a good idea." But you know that you just have to keep chipping, resolute in…   Read Story »
Sure, it is easy to laugh at a man who has a life-sized replica of a train in his basement because he has "always wanted to have a train in the basement." We'll roll our eyes and say, "Okay, train…   Read Story »
You can spend all the time in the world planning, setting every little piece into place, only to have the simplest part -- the part you thought you had in the bag -- blow up in your face. "No wait,…   Read Story »
One day you could wake up after a night of bad sleep, one in a series of restless nights, only to find that there isn't enough coffee left in the coffee grinder to make even one cup. "Oh, come on!"…   Read Story »
But also sometimes you miss every shot you do take, and you look foolish because not only did you miss them all after trying so hard in front of everyone, they were also all aimed at your own basket.…   Read Story »
You can't always predict what your "thing" is going to be. Like, are you going to be the guy who never has his shoelaces tied, or the guy who can almost always guess what time it is without even…   Read Story »