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The New York Post attempts to explain how so many stars got involved in this awful-looking comedy that none of them wanted to be in or promote. In theaters Friday!   Read Story »
Salt trailer, you guys: This movie looks great, because it looks just like a lot of other movies that were already great. Liev Schreiber is going to isolate the background noise from the voice…   Read Story »
X-Men Origins: Wolverine made 87 million dollars domestically at the box office this weekend, and 160 million when you add in overseas ticket sales. According to the media reports, this is "a great…   Read Story »
On last night's Important Things With Demetri Martin, Demetri used his show's platform to introduce the summer Ang Lee movie (and to explain who Ang Lee is, wince), Taking Woodstock, in which he…   Read Story »
A French movie poster for this spring's Wolverine: Origins has found its way onto the internet, and holy shit. Is this real life? Obviously, I would recommend that anyone who's working on…   Read Story »
Wolverine: Origins trailer, you guys: This looks pretty good, and out of all the superhero movies, origin stories are my favorite, plus TIM RIGGINZZZZ, but something has changed. I've always…   Read Story »