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Gwyneth Paltrow is the worst. We know that. It's painfully well documented. She's the human embodiment of pampered self-satisfaction. In addition to wearing underwear made out of truffles and bathing…   Read Story »
It has now been revealed that David Letterman knew Joaquin Phoenix was a liar during their historic interview last winter. Boo! The world is so annoying.   Read Story »
There are moments in the Duh Aficionado editorial offices when the staff just runs through the halls shouting "NO DUH!" because a story is breaking that seems tailor-made for the magazine's mission…   Read Story »
"First and foremost, I want someone who will not ever, ever challenge me intellectually. Preferably, I'd like them to be subliterate and to speak in mono-syllables. But when that's not possible, if…   Read Story »
In light of this morning's Stephen Baldwin Charity Mission news, a tipster (thanks, Sam!) sent in this INSANE fun fact from the Official Stephen Baldwin Wikipedia Page: Baldwin has a tattoo on…   Read Story »
A pole dancing studio in Utah has started a petition to make pole dancing a sport in the 2012 Olympics. FAIR ENOUGH. I am not about to come to anyone's work and slap the pole out of their crotch. But…   Read Story »
Audrina Patridge has a blog! So what! To be fair, of all the people on The Hills, Audrina is the most interesting. She's kind of nice, and she's kind of pretty, but she's not that nice, and she's not…   Read Story »