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You know how celebrities are always saying that the thing that they want the most is a blowjob from a real life mermaid to just be able to go out in public for once in their lives without being…   Read Story »
Lauren Conrad (LC to us fans) is, of course, the former star of MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills. Who could forget those wonderful adventures? Now she is one of America's most beloved, Pulitzer-prize…   Read Story »
Remember Falcon Heene? You remember Falcon Heene. He was the first child rapper to travel into space the attic. You might also remember his father, Richard Heene? Creator of Pscience Detecives?…   Read Story »
Lars Von Trier is already back-pedaling on this whole being a Nazi thing. I knew it! This is our generation's Valkyrie.   Read Story »
Ashton Kutcher crashed a college lecture hall in Iowa City this week, where one assumes he is either filming a movie, or visiting his old alma matter for whatever reason people like him do anything…   Read Story »
Larry the Cable Guy has a new show coming up on the History Channel (THE HISTORY CHANNEL) called Only In America in which he travels the country having hilarious adventures with REAL PEOPLE.…   Read Story »
Look, at the end of the day it's OK that Gwyneth Paltrow hires a bunch of college freshmen to write a lifestyle newsletter under her name about platinum mid-century bathroom fixtures. It's not…   Read Story »
You guys remember Ted Haggard, right? He was the vehemently anti-gay evangelical preacher from Colorado who it was later revealed had been soliciting male prostitutes for years and also doing crystal…   Read Story »
I know that we're all human, OR WHATEVER, and that just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean you don't have any problems or concerns, but at the very least, when you're rich and famous, you…   Read Story »
Why, is it Christmas already? Because the new Goop is here! Just kidding. A tone-deaf celebrity's self-indulgent, masturbatory ghost-written lifestyle email newsletter is NO GIFT. It is a curse! Also…   Read Story »