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I'm not sure why you'dd need a commercial for the city council since it seems like a city council is the kind of thing that's required in most cities regardless of whether or not people are "buying"…   Read Story »
Look, a banana dipped in Nutella that looks like Ron Swanson! It's a miracle! A delicious apparition. -BuzzFeedFood Watch Disney's Hand-Drawn/CG Short Paperman In Full -/Film Let's send some…   Read Story »
He and Leslie Knope will kiss and he'll say, "What are we doing?" And she'll say, "I don't know." And then they'll kiss again, but then she'll have to struggle with how (or if) to tell Ben. Right?…   Read Story »
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has officially endorsed Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope for Pawnee City Council/speaking at their upcoming convention.…   Read Story »
Leslie Knope's campaign slogan is perfect and I enjoy it a lot. Good job, Leslie Knope's campaign slogan! I'm going to miss Parks and Rec when it isn't on TV anymore! It's the best!…   Read Story »
This is just straight-up useful is what this is.   Read Story »