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CHUCK BASS?! Just kidding, kind of. Chuck Bass got pretty Jean Valjean-y in, I think, the second-to-last season, but if we're going to be a Jean Valjean from Gossip Girl it would obviously have to be…   Read Story »
What would Nic Cage's babies look like if he mated with a bunch of different people and things? Dave Stopera asks the important questions. My favorite: Nic Cage & A Furby! -BuzzFeed Dustin…   Read Story »
Chris Pratt got buff for Zero Dark Thirty, and lucky for us he brought a picture to CONAN. Here is the picture! -CONAN Billy On The Street plays "For A Dollar" with New Yorkers…   Read Story »
We live in a horrifying world. Last night after reading about the shooting at the Clackamas Town Center mall I said to a friend, "Oh wow, have you heard about this shooting?" Which is admittedly more…   Read Story »
You're looking at a verrry close-up picture of Nick Offerman's moustache that was taken by Rob Huebel. -@robhuebel Hey! You! Quit whining and put on a goddamn coat. -TheWorldsBestEver 75 Years…   Read Story »
Whoa, there are so many trailers this week! Literally too many. I cannot even deal with how many of them there are. You will see. By the 10th one I am just like, "this is a trailer." Are they all…   Read Story »
I'm not going to beat around the bush with you guys, the big trailer this week is for Les Miserables, which is like saying the only thing we have to drink is sparkling red wine. You might love…   Read Story »
The rumor mill has been off the charts lately with rumors about who is going to be cast in the upcoming movie version of Les Miserables. We've all heard them. It's almost like we're sick of all the…   Read Story »
An adult entertainment company claims that it is offering Britain's gotter of talent, Susan Boyle, 1,000,000 dollars (or 5 Euros. Do people still make that joke? It's 2007, right?) to star in her own…   Read Story »
If you watch anything non-election-related today, make it Paul Rudd and David Wain, star and director of Role Models, singing "The Confrontation" from Les Miserables...really...well: Hilarious.…   Read Story »