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Three casting directors have released some audition tapes of RED HOT CELEBZ before they were famous to be auctioned through Julien's Auction House, including this one of sweet baby Leonardo…   Read Story »
The first image from Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine has been released, and it definitely looks like a movie, or at LEAST a picture. -Collider Wreck-It Ralph has released a half-hour mockumentary that…   Read Story »
Celebrity gossip like this -- the kind that comes from "sources" who overhear something at a restaurant or someplace -- is ridiculous and not really something I spend a lot of time looking at,…   Read Story »
It was pretty hard when the original Pussy Posse (gross, sorry) broke up (Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Q-Tip, Harmony Korine, and David Blaine, according to this source. Ladies, please verify).…   Read Story »
Chuck Schumer Breaks Out Eagle Podium, Dumbledore Impression At Inaugural Luncheon (Not actually serious, but a pretty good gag for all the Potter-heads.) -HyperVocal Conan O'Brien shows us only…   Read Story »
Hey guys! How was everyone's day today? How is the weather in your area? Messed up, or back to normal, or was it always pretty much normal? I'll tell you how the weather is around where I live: BACK…   Read Story »
There's something very familiar about this still of Leo from The Great Gatsby. Anybody? Rose?? -BlackBook "Charles Barkley's Christmas Card" from Funny Or Die's most recent issue of The…   Read Story »
Here are a couple of photos of Jonah Hill on the set of Martin Scorcese's newest movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. Looking good, buddy! The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Mr. Wolf (haha, I am not…   Read Story »
Hey, we can't just sit around talking about dumb stuff that doesn't matter all day. At some point we have to get serious and actually use our brains, because we are adults and if we don't use our…   Read Story »
To celebrate 100 years of stuff, Paramount got 116 people together, which doesn't really seem to make that much sense, like you just HAD to include Johnny Noxville apparently, but it's their party so…   Read Story »