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Aimee Mann went to brunch with Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, and Amy Poehler over the weekend. What a dream! YOU HAD ME AT BRUNCH! (Brunch with Aimee Mann.) -AimeeMann Mark Wahlberg has shared in…   Read Story »
How was your day today? Mine was fine, thank you for asking! My apartment is a mess, I'm going to have to deal with that later, and I feel like I'm coming down with a cold, but at least I'm not…   Read Story »
How was your day today? HUMP DAY! Right?! At the very least, even if your day was bad, even if you spilled coffee on your nicest shirt, even if you fell down the steps and your crush was waiting at…   Read Story »
You: Oh, hey! Hey, Leo! Leonardo DiCaprio: Oh heyyyy, I almost missed you! You: I know, man, you were really zooming on that Citi Bike! Leonardo DiCaprio: Hah, zooming? You: Haha I guess that…   Read Story »
A bunch of character posters for Edgar Wright’s upcoming film The World’s End were released today. Want to look at them? -/Film I cannot believe anyone on the Internet even for one moment…   Read Story »
Hahaha. AHHHHHHHHH. These photos come from ONTD where there is SOME kind of explanation for what is going on here, but is an explanation really necessary? It's Leonardo DiCaprio and ranking Pussy…   Read Story »
From the LA Times: "A guest at a charity auction at Cannes has paid 1.2 million euros ($1.5 million) for a trip into space with Leonardo DiCaprio. AmFAR, a nonprofit devoted to AIDS research, held…   Read Story »
The Cannes Film Festival is currently underway in France, which, to people like you and me, is kind of like saying the Elysium Film Festival is currently underway in space. Give me a break. (Trace…   Read Story »
My expectations were fairly low when I went to see The Great Gatsby (in 3D) (duh) last night. I had heard from a few people that it was especially bad and, even aside from that, the fact that it was…   Read Story »
Tip your desk over. Throw your computer in the trashcan. Stuff your work in a drawer. Wait until your boss is in the bathroom, or don't, who cares, your boss is a grown up and he can DEAL. Tell your…   Read Story »