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The Leidenfrost Effect occurs when liquid on the surface of something significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point produces a vapor beneath it that keeps it from boiling, says the Internet.…   Read Story »
Hey ladies! GO AWAY, BOYS, THIS ONE IS JUST FOR THE LADIES! Now that they're gone, how is your summer going? Shitty because whenever it's not raining it's about 100 degrees outside so it's hard to be…   Read Story »
One time during sophomore year of high school my science teacher brought in dry ice, and some dummy in my class burned his hand on it. We were all pretty much 35-year-olds at the time, so I don't…   Read Story »
A professor at Northwestern is now offering a class on Mad Men. Between this and the class on Lady Gaga, I'm beginning to think that maybe Old Kanye was right.   Read Story »
If one of your New Year's resolutions was to watch better television, or watch less crap television, yay, me too. And smart people like us can start tonight, with the first two episodes of the BBC's…   Read Story »