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"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my super sad case."   Read Story »
Yesterday, it was reported that John Travolta was being sued by a male masseuse for grabbing the man's penis and then masturbating in front of him. (Oh, and GOOD MORNING, by the way.) Travolta is…   Read Story »
Celebrities have to deal with frivolous lawsuits sometimes. It's easy for us to sit in our stupid, ugly, rat-infested civilian non-mansions and point fingers and laugh through the permanent blood…   Read Story »
Vincent Gallo is suing the city of Los Angeles. The fate of everything hangs in the balance.   Read Story »
I don't claim to be up on EVERY trend. The world is constantly turning, MTV is constantly creating and abandoning superstars, just kidding, I know MTV isn't on anymore, and in fashion one day you're…   Read Story »
Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: hey Gabe Gabe: how's HUMP DAY? Gabe: hahhahahah Kelly: lol Gabe: you got the email, right? Gabe: the all staff email? Kelly: About "hump day"? Gabe: that provides a…   Read Story »
James Cameron has been sued multiple times already for allegedly stealing both the terrible plot and the terrible look of his sleeper hit Avatar from different terrible filmmakers, but I think this…   Read Story »
Apparently there is a show on the Disney channel called Good Luck Charlie. I really do feel like I have a good understanding of the shows that are on the Disney channel, because for some reason…   Read Story »
A group of English moviegoers are asking for their money back because The Artist turned out to be SPOILER ALERT silent. This guy knows what they're talking about.   Read Story »
We've had some fun recently with seemingly frivolous Hollywood lawsuits, but it's time to WAKE UP because first of all it's daytime and second of all, WE HAVE A VERY SERIOUS HOLLYWOOD LAWSUIT TO…   Read Story »