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This picture of Steve Buscemi and Steve Carell from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone has so much wonderfulness happening. Their hair! Their outfits! Steve C's face! -/Film Diagnosing The Home…   Read Story »
NBC made an official announcement this morning that the contract negotiations with Conan O'Brien are complete, he will be leaving the Tonight Show at the end of the week, and that show will go back…   Read Story »
Before he takes over for Conan O'Brien next spring, Bag of Hair is doing some webisodes to get people fired up for the new show and let them know what they can expect. And apparently what they can…   Read Story »
I think that a lot of people tend to group all nerds together, as if there were such a thing as a nerd qua nerd (Someone's been to college qua college!). But they have their own society, with its…   Read Story »
There's a reason that we made the Videogum "Tracy Morgan Promise" and the reason is Tracy Morgan. The man is nuts. Seriously. Like, "let's ask that police officer for directions to the nearest…   Read Story »
Last night on Late Night, Conan discovered that an Albany furniture store called The Huck Finn Furniture Warehouse was holding a contest for viewer-generated commercials and giving away Conan tickets…   Read Story »