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One month ago the world was rocked to hear that current daytime TV host Katie Couric and former nighttime TV host Larry King went on a date many years ago. Katie Couric spoke about it during an…   Read Story »
Katie Couric once went on a date with Larry King. Please see below.   Read Story »
Sometimes it's fun to go to a party, and sometimes it's nice to just curl up on the couch and watch a movie. The weekend is really what you make of it. Do you want to get interviewed by Larry King…   Read Story »
James Franco interviewed Mila Kunis for Interview, and he talks about James Franco the exact amount you'd expect. Also there are lots of nice photos of Mila Kunis! -Interview Here is a video of Ed…   Read Story »
After ending his show in 2010, Larry King is now officially severing ties with CNN for good. Oh blah di, oh blah blah blah.   Read Story »
Relax, you guys, Larry King is still alive! It is just his show that has died. Last night marked the final broadcast of Larry King Live on CNN, ending its 25 year run. That is a very long run! Did…   Read Story »
Piers Morgan, the Simon Cowell of America's Got Talent, is set to replace Larry King on his CNN talk show. Cool? I actually watched a few minutes of America's Got Talent last night for some reason.…   Read Story »
In a shocking (SHOCKING!) announcement last night, Larry King informed the world (THE WORLD!) that he would be leaving his long-running talk-show, Larry King Live, in the fall (THE FALL!). End of an…   Read Story »
Uh, Internet? You're messing up. Your job is to find the stupid things that people say and do on a daily basis, and spread them around the world at the speed of farts so that bored people in their…   Read Story »
BuzzFeed has put together a collection of "The Best Larry King at Dodgers Games Photos." I didn't even know that was a thing! There are some pretty solid photos in there, including his ex-wife…   Read Story »