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Apparently there are people out there who think this newly identified species of monkey looks like Jake Gyllenhaal. I do not see it and, frankly, am shocked that no one is comparing it to that ruined…   Read Story »
"Vote. You know? Vote! Why not!" -Larry David   Read Story »
In our ongoing coverage of things the cast of Arrested Development tweets about the upcoming revival of Arrested Development, Jason Batemen tweeted this picture of Michael Cera in the house! Hey…   Read Story »
By now I'm sure you've heard that the Arrested Development movie is going to start filming this summer. Oh! How about that. Are you going to drink an Arrested Development themed cocktail tonight to…   Read Story »
It's official that the final season of Breaking Bad is going to be split into two eight-episode seasons, so we aren't going to see the end of it until we're all old and almost dead. Oh well. It's…   Read Story »
My favorite part of this story about how Alan Dershowitz sent the "Palestinian Chicken" episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to broker a dialog…   Read Story »
I feel like there was a time, not too long ago, when Ricky Gervais was generally regarded as a great comedic talent who helped to usher in a New Era of better and smarter and more uncomfortable…   Read Story »
Game of Thrones screen caps with Arrested Development captions. -Arrested Westeros Larry David wrote the Shouts & Murmurs piece in the New Yorker this week! -New Yorker There will probably be…   Read Story »
Haha. Your boyfriend definitely looks like he got waylaid on the way to the laundromat (where he was gong to throw himself into the machine) by the most sarcastic anti-pope protest rally ever. "What…   Read Story »
The New York Post reported today that the television show Seinfeld has made 2.7 BILLION DOLLARS since the show WENT OFF THE AIR. Um, that is bonkers. Here is the breakdown: "Seinfeld" might be the…   Read Story »