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Do you dislike ghosts? Would you like to own a home with no ghosts currently inhabiting it at all? A home in which you're able to be alone without hearing any ghosts noises or seeing any ghostly…   Read Story »
From Big Bang Theory writer Dave Goetsch, CBS has purchased Smells Like Teen Spirit -- a weekly look into new evidence surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain just kidding, it's about a genius and his…   Read Story »
Hey, so, Bear Grylls was fired this week. Gabe wrote about it, and I thought it would only be right to find some Bear Grylls GIFs to remember the guy by, so I searched for them and oh my god DO NOT…   Read Story »
Courtney Love, famous widow/MURDERER? of Kurt Cobain, has some intense allegations on the subject of the use of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in the most recent Muppets film. As it turns out,…   Read Story »
Michelle Williams is very pretty as Marilyn Monroe in the newest Vogue. Ladies, don't you wish you could be blonde for just like a day, if you aren't blonde already and don't want to dye your hair…   Read Story »
Via Fimoculous, blogger Mena Trott watched a lot of those vlogs that are so big with the kids these days and wondered what her own vlog would be like if the technology existed in 1994. The result…   Read Story »