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Albuquerque based Brewery Marble Brewery will be brewing (brewing brewery brewing brewery) a Breaking Bad-themed beer to be featured during Breaking Bad's final episodes. Is it called "Breaking…   Read Story »
It's Jason Segel's birthday! And he's "32"? Do you think Jason Segel is lying about his age? 32 seems awfully young. I would guess, if I were REALLY trying to get it right, 37. But then again…   Read Story »
Bradley Cooper knows that he's the bad guy from Wedding Crashers. He knows he's the least famous star among He's Just Not That Into You's cast of thousands. But he got to host SNL this weekend, and…   Read Story »
On last night's pre-election Thursday night special edition of Saturday Night Live, Kristin Wiig pretended to be the "crazy lady" from the McCain rally. She wandered in with a ratted out blonde wig,…   Read Story »
Did anybody notice that there was a new Saturday Night Live on Saturday? JK! Everyone's talking about Tina Fey's Best Impression Ever of Sarah Palin, but there were actually three other amusing…   Read Story »