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We've all had a lot of fun looking at photos from yesterday's Twilight: New Moon premiere. Some might say the most fun ever. Although if you hear someone saying that, ask them to stop, and tell them…   Read Story »
At yesterday's premiere of Twilight: New Moon, there were plenty of full-grown adults who made signs expressing their love of the series and their refusal of psychotropic medication. But there were…   Read Story »
Popples! Listen up dudes who recognize that a strong academic background is just as important as having a girlfriend, and girls who recognize that you have to like yourself before you can get…   Read Story »
If you are a sassy and sarcastic young man in an American sitcom who represents the sitcom writer's desire that a nerdy Jewish teenager can somehow be the desirable romantic hero in this world, then…   Read Story »
Gettin' Jiggy with it! OMG, u guyz. There should be some kind of SEXTING shorthand for the feeling you get when you realize that all of these years of being crazy in love with vampires have been a…   Read Story »
Here's the new New Moon trailer that premiered during the MTV Video Music Awards last night, you guys: Ha! So many teenagers were probably taken to the hospital last night when their hearts…   Read Story »
"HELLOOOOOO?! Is it November yet? I am dying over here. Last night my mom was like "why are you crying?" and I was like "New Moon doesn't come out for weeks and GET OUT OF MY ROOM. Didn't you see the…   Read Story »
Wussup ninja turtles, You're not going to believe this dudes, and girls who are serious about finding their own voices and making a difference in this world: it's a new New Moon trailer, and Taylor…   Read Story »
Twilight Barbies, you guys. The thing is, this is the first facet of the Twilight phenomenon in awhile that actually makes sense. Twilight cruise? Twilight prom? These are insane things. Dolls? For…   Read Story »
WASSUP POGS! Yo, as you probably heard on da grapevine, this week is Comi-Con, which is the world's greatest place for all of the coolest posters for movies that won't come out for three years.…   Read Story »