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Guys, this is just a friendly reminder that the very exciting anniversary event to celebrate Videogum's third birthday is happening ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Wowowowowoow! If you haven't heard about the…   Read Story »
Kristen Schaal could be in an advertisement for THE PHONE BOOK and I would want to buy one*! (Get it? The Phone Book is the most boring book! Your mom is in it.) Four more Kristen Schaal smartphone…   Read Story »
It's time to share a few fun facts about Bob's Burgers: First, it airs Sundays at 8:30 on Fox. Second, it stars Kristen Schaal, among other super-hilarious people. Third: this week's episode guest…   Read Story »
Whoa. You guys, Videogum is turning three years YOUNG next month! That is bonkers! Let me put it this way: when Videogum launched GEORGE W. BUSH WAS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Yikes! It is…   Read Story »
We all like The National, right, you guys? Right? Well, if some of us don't like The National--whoops on you, wrongzos--we at least like music videos starring Kristen Schaal, John Slattery, and James…   Read Story »
Have you watched the criminally overlooked Michael Kupperman Adult Swim pilot for Snake n Bacon starring Kristen Schaal? Because you can. And you should. It's way better than Michelle Bachmann's…   Read Story »
Last night, Kristen Schaal was a guest on Conan. She is great. Conan is great. Egg nog is great. Sweaters are great. Wear your coat.   Read Story »
Kristen Schaal and her boyfriend (literally, not Videogumly) Rich Blomquist have written a humorous guide to sex called The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex. Here is a funny trailer for it. And here is where…   Read Story »
Comedian Kristen Schaal was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. You can watch the interview here, and you can tell her what you REALLY thought of it here. No creeps allowed!   Read Story »
I still don't get it, but now I kind of get it! This morning, Max and I actually attended a COMIC-CON PANEL. Wow! American Heroes, I'm sure. The panel was for Bob's Burgers, a new animated series…   Read Story »