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Nobody. Follow him on Twitter!   Read Story »
For those of you who were concerned for Mike when Krispy mentioned he and Daniel Tosh were best friends in his latest rap, he has issued an apology, clarifying the statement.   Read Story »
Videogum Monster Chris Trash just emailed us the new Krispy Kreme video with the subject line: "Krispy Kreme is over." At first I was worried that it was going to be a video of Krispy Kreme…   Read Story »
Whoa, a brand new Krispy Kreme jam to start off the week?! YGTBKM. Let's make this one count, everybody. #shoutout2denzelwashington   Read Story »
It's hard to imagine that the same week we received a brand new Krispy Kreme video was also the week with the most boring day of the Internet year. Isn't that hard to imagine? I can't even imagine it…   Read Story »
The heck with Garfield, that dumb punk. What does he know? Sometimes Mondays are great. Case in point, this Monday. First thing in the morning Krispy Kreme video? Looks like someone cat died and went…   Read Story »
Krispy's cousin/friend/director Dave is the George Clooney of on set pranks in the low budget independent YouTube music video world. Also probably the inspiration for James. There's a least a little…   Read Story »
Obviously, the big story this week was all the SMANIEL SMOSH nonsense that I legitimately never want to talk about again, not even if you gchat me and say something like, "Wow, I hope no one ever…   Read Story »
"A new Krispy Kreme joint already? But "Stolen Bikes" just came out last week!!" That's you, because you aren't even on your grind. Not like these cool guys: You krispy for this one, Kreme.   Read Story »
This is what is Funkmaster Flex and/or Cipha Sounds would call a "Friday miracle." KRISPY KREEEEEEEME! So dope. Fuck James. Real bikes. #GETKREMED   Read Story »