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OH NO! MIIIIIIIKE! I can't say I'm not surprised about how quickly James's criminal tendencies have progressed from stealing bikes to murder, but if there's any jerk who could make the jump from A to…   Read Story »
You could spend all day trying to come up with useless stuff to throw in after this video to justify your job writing a website like "We're gonna need a droppeder mic!" and "Fuck James 2013" or "that…   Read Story »
Let go of the past, man. Everything you need is right here. Ask Money Maker Mike. His complete lack of any kind of response will tell you what you wanted to know: that you are at home, that you are…   Read Story »
So many things happened this week. Gossip Girl ended. Gabe posted his year-end Viral Video Retrospective. And then those are the only two things I think? Can't remember anything else. It's all a blur…   Read Story »
Though, as he correctly points out, it doesn't matter what his name is at all. Maybe he'll change his name for every album? Who cares. You don't care. The baddest by any other name is still…   Read Story »
Man, I still just cannot get over that John Travolta and Oliva Newton-John music video. I've watched it so many times! Like, a ridiculous amount of times. I don't even want to say how many times. It…   Read Story »
There comes a time in every friendship when one friend must swallow their pride, reach out to the other friend, and ask for help with deciding what their new rap name should be, because their current…   Read Story »
What better way to come back from Thanksgiving than with a brand new Christmas jam from Krispy? Thanks, boys! The only thing I have on my list this year is MORE KRISPY KREME!   Read Story »
Oh SNAP. We got some major beef brewing between Krispy Kreme and Playback! Total blaze. Y'all dance like a bunch of Jameses! There is also minor beef blazing between me and the time it is taking for…   Read Story »
Ugh, I knew it. So predictable. OF COURSE IT WAS JAMES THE WHOLE TIME. I hate James so much, it makes me sick. I hope someone pushes HIM off his bike and into a pile of trash. [Vincent Price laugh.]   Read Story »