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This: Plus this: Equals: everything.   Read Story »
Good news, guys: you can finally delete those "kidz bop single ladies" google alerts. Waiting is the best sauce? Gross. Also, you were waiting for this? Gross. But also: sauce. Gross. IT'S HERE! IT'S…   Read Story »
Hey, that's just how it goes sometimes. Some days don't end with Kidz Bop covering Usher, but some days--and this day in particular--definitely do. The DJ at my old bowling alley was named DJ…   Read Story »
Apologize, Kidz Bop. Apologize to these heroes.   Read Story »
Human sexuality is a many and varied thing (perfect, class is in session). And it starts when we are very young (please save your questions until the end of my powerful lecture). It can take many…   Read Story »
At first I thought this couldn't be real, but apparently, it is: before there was Kidz Bop, the mysterious 1980's produced a party record of musak versions of lame, silly songs to get your extremely…   Read Story »
Remember when Pink turned her sad, failed marriage to X-Games star Carey Hart into a fist-pumping bar rock anthem for people who think Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping" is the godsong that the angels play…   Read Story »
Kidz Bop is old news, but you know what else is old news? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that's still worth talking about (perfect analogy, very sensitive to the human cost). It's just so…   Read Story »
(Update: haha, it's fake and I fell for it too.) We all know what "Kidz Bop" is, right? It's these CDs that come out every few months with kids singing the new popular songs, and every kid under 10…   Read Story »