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The funniest thing about this "princess party" instructional video is the narrator-guy's laugh. Also, Gwendolyn the fairy seems kind of tipsy, and when she opens the door of wishes and dreams, what…   Read Story »
Henry, the little red-headed dancing boy whose moves are slightly disturbing in their similarity to those of grown adult dancers in clubs is, predictably, back. And he's gotten even better! Henry…   Read Story »
The video of the adorable youngsters who sang along to Pavement is making the internet rounds again this week ("Everything on the internet comes back around again." - Ghandi), but there's a…   Read Story »
This is the sweetest thing on the entire internet: a little boy named Tan Hong Ming has a crush on his classmate, the prettiest little girl in the world. He wants to take her to "a romantic dinner."…   Read Story »
The children at PS 22 have a cooler chorus teacher than I ever had: There's nothing to say about this other than "Aww, those lucky lucky kids!" (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
Yuck, this is an ad for Christianity (in general!) by the self-appointed defenders of the faith and Creation Museum creators, Answers In Genesis: I know: what? Let's try to unpack this unarguably…   Read Story »
Everyone agrees that parents lead thankless nightmares of lives, and should be allowed to have some fun sometimes. But these parents enjoyed their little chalk-bunny Easter prank WAY too much. Poor…   Read Story »
The next movement in the skankification of the American girl-child is Barbie-administered temporary tattoos, which will prepare our girls for the body modification they will need to attract those big…   Read Story »
The more dug-up videos I see, the more convinced I become that the 1980s was the most barbaric, un-self-aware, child-abusy, selfish, downright mean decade in our country's history. Of course, that…   Read Story »
The tipster who sent this did so with the subject line "'re welcome." Such cockiness is sometimes unmerited, but not this time! Meet Henry, a ginger-haired moppet with what appears to be…   Read Story »