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Sometimes it's important to remember that the world is crazy and awful and hilarious and disgusting and amazing everywhere you go, not just in this clown country.   Read Story »
First of all, let's clear a few things up: 1. There is no new adrenaline sport on the horizon. 2. It was Stadius who said "it was fear that first made Gods in the world," your boyfriend thought…   Read Story »
I had never realized that Sonic and Tails were high school rivals who used the chaos emeralds (which were not chaos emeralds, probably?) to fight over who should or should not be in detention. And…   Read Story »
You guys, this is one of those weeks. Woof. Maybe it's just me, but the Lawnmower Man feels painfully slow. Hello? IS MCFLY AT HOME HELLO? Personally, I don't like when blogs get too self-knowing and…   Read Story »
Dear You Guys, So for the past 15 months I've gotten to help plan and launch a totally unique new website, working with a team made up entirely of people who were already my friends on an idea so…   Read Story »
Fox And Friends were so out of ideas yesterday that they invited three children -- two eleven year olds with college degrees and a home-schooled fourteen year old with loud opinions -- to argue about…   Read Story »
As if being a kid whose parents make her act in commercials wasn't already bad enough, one of the little girls in this commercial for Ally Bank is probably going to have lifelong self-esteem issues.…   Read Story »
There's another Nation For Marriage ad going around this week, though it actually pre-dates the "Gathering Storm" ad. Confused children, one of whom has a cold that should probably be looked at, are…   Read Story »
gabe: someone took down the baby doing the stanky leg video gabe: oh, NOW you are going to start being a parent to your child? gabe: i feel like if you don't realize what is going to happen gabe:…   Read Story »
Apparently, this little boy has been taking off his shirt and pounding his Bruins-painted chest for the camera at Bruins games at least since last October, but his greatest performance came this…   Read Story »