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Uh, dad? Did you ever stop for one second and think that your kid might actually want to PLAY WITH HIS TOY rather than send it into space on a balloon? Ugh. Some dads are just so selfish. It's like…   Read Story »
Don't let this little kid out-do you! Get out there! Put on your clothes and get ready to yell at the day while your brother plays drums and some other baby, I'm sure, plays guitar offscreen, making…   Read Story »
Kids these days with their dedication to living life to the fullest and creating their own fun. I'm sick of it! Whatever happened to sitting around in the dark and waiting for death to take you? Huh?…   Read Story »
When I was a child, I desperately wanted to change my name to either Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake. Both great names! Rainbow Brite is certainly a more "ordinary" name than Strawberry…   Read Story »
It's hard being a kid. You have so many questions and almost all of them are so stupid, and the rest of them you can't know the answer to yet because you're only a kid. Rough. So you're often left to…   Read Story »
They say the only difference between a good day and a bad day is how you look at it. If you have a smile on your face, your mind will feel like there's an actual reason for you to be smiling up to…   Read Story »
Father, please give us a break. As you may know (you've had far more experience with it than we have) this life can be exhausting. And we don't always get all the sleep we need to prepare ourselves…   Read Story »
Joy, sudden pain, and eventual triumph. I'm glad we could all be here together to share this nearly perfect Internet Video moment, which would have been made more perfect, not to complain but I'm…   Read Story »
Ok, we don't need any more Rube Goldberg machine videos anymore, this one is the best! You've done more than enough! Thank you and goodnight! (Via OHYST.)   Read Story »
You might watch this video of Kaylee blowing out her birthday (I assume) candle and think, "Hey, Kaylee? Maybe you should relax a bit." Continuing to yourself as if you're having a dialoge, you'd…   Read Story »