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Fans are leaving notes for Sherlock Holmes at a building in Smithfield, London, the significance of which is a spoiler if you have not watched Sherlock's second season. Guess what, fans! The stuff…   Read Story »
Remember on Kid Nation when Taylor, the beauty queen, wanted to kill that chicken so bad, and she kept saying, "ugly chickens DESERVE to die!," but then later she said producers actually fed her that…   Read Story »
...In that way that winning the lottery is something that seems fun to most people but ends up ruining more lives than it improves. Today Entertainment Weekly has a…   Read Story »
Last week when the Emmy nominations were announced, in the confusion and tragedy of Lipstick Jungle getting robbed I didn't even notice that probably the one reality show Gabe and I agree on (for…   Read Story »
Either you watched Kid Nation and loved it, or didn't watch it and don't know why I'm talking about a reality show that aired last fall and wasn't renewed because of alleged child labor allegations.…   Read Story »