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I don't actually know how anything works, obviously, so I am sure there are probably some very solid theories out there about what is the best way to maintain a civil society, and that this includes…   Read Story »
You know how when you're a celebrity no request is ever denied? Like, you can call a restaurant and tell them you want to eat something and they say, "We don't make that," and you say something like,…   Read Story »
The above is an Australian market ad for KFC that has gotten the company into some trouble this week for obvious reasons, namely the fact that it is super racist. But, while the company has since…   Read Story »
The KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich is real.   Read Story »
The Internet is going crazy today over the new KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich, which features two pieces of bacon and two pieces of cheese "sandwiched" between two pieces of fried chicken. That is…   Read Story »
After this week's chicken riots, KFC is just going ahead and straight up canceling the deal. From Reuters: The Oprah Winfrey-fueled free chicken give-away that caused pandemonium this week at…   Read Story »
Oprah decided to give out coupons for free grilled chicken at KFC, because if there's one thing that Oprah understands it's a healthy diet. She thought, "let me see if I can do what I have done for…   Read Story »
A few months ago, a guy who looked like Billy Joe from Green Day posted video of his gross Burger King sink bath, and his local news team responded by interviewing the health commissioner, who said,…   Read Story »