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This year's Puppy Bowl will feature Internet superstars Keyboard Cat (or, well, a cat dressed as Keyboard Cat) and Li'l Bub during its halftime show, as well as penguin cheerleaders. Whoever is in…   Read Story »
The Nic Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard -Uproxx How Keyboard Cat Got Famous -VICE An R2-D2 Hip Flask -TheAwesomer Rom.coms: A List -McSweeney's Behold! The Twin Peaks Climbing Wall Exists…   Read Story »
Vulture has an interview with Bryan Cranston that you should read aaaaannd... -Vulture AV Club has an interview with Giancarlo Esposito that you should ALSO read! Soak it all in before it's all…   Read Story »
While I read this manual on How To Use The Internet And Make Screengrabs And Use Blogs so I can get the Thursday Night Open Thread up, how about we enjoy this? Were you the ones asking me for a…   Read Story »
Hi, Monsters, my name is BradOFarrell and I am terrified to be here. I've been reading Videogum since I think early 2008, which is when I had my first 9 to 5 job at this one website that made stupid…   Read Story »
You guys, we should buy more pistachios! During last night's broadcast of the World Series, whatever THAT is, the American Pistachio Council ran a 15 second ad featuring Keyboard Cat encouraging…   Read Story »
Man. What now? You guys want to talk about Katherine Heigl? Me neither. Blow that whistle, foreman!   Read Story »
You are just sad. Why don't you get your own thing instead of biting off of other artists? You are the Carlos Mencia of dogs. (Via BuzzFeed.)   Read Story »
This clip from a 1987 movie called Student Confidential has been titled "The Worst Movie Ending EVER!!!" Whoops, they got the words Worst and Best mixed up (the number of exclamation points is…   Read Story »
OK, Lawnmower Man, fair enough. You right! This is kind of great.   Read Story »