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So, after last week's wretched death of studio head Alan Gray, it seemed obvious that things would start turning up for Vince, and they might. But first apparently they are going to start turning up…   Read Story »
The only thing that was keeping Entourage watchable at this point was its consistently bubbly no-stakes jacuzzi of a plot (i.e. no plot) that has been its hallmark since season 1. Get in, the water's…   Read Story »
Entourage has four plot structures. There's the "Uh Oh, Vince Is Doing Fame Wrong," plot (#1). There's the "Hooray, It Still Paid Off, Though," plot (#2). There's the "One-off Episode of…   Read Story »
Entourage is such an emotional roller-coaster. It's like, one minute they're by the pool, and the next minute they're in the Hummer. One minute it's sushi, the next minute it's iced cappuccino. UP…   Read Story »
You know what, nicely done, last night's Entourage. Sure, the whole show has been like a low stakes weekly poker game since the first season. Just a bunch of dudes getting together every week to joke…   Read Story »
No matter what Jeremy Piven's Emmy win last night implies, it has become clinically impossible to care about any of the characters on this show (yes, clinically, because I am a doctor, and you have…   Read Story »
On last night's Entourage, Ari was high-strung, E was struggling to be taken seriously, Drama was a goof-head, Turtle just wanted to get laid, and Vince was lackadaisical about his career. The…   Read Story »