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Is there anyone better right now than Mindy Kaling? Just two days after the news broke that NBC has signed Mindy to a multi-year Tina Fey-style development deal, her character Kelly Kapoor engaged in…   Read Story »
(This week, we're highlighting some of our favorite Videogum posts / video-related moments of 2008. So that's why things look different, and are old, this week. And Happy Almost New Year!)…   Read Story »
Last's night's episode of The Office was written by the great Mindy Kaling, which explains all the extended makeout scenes with B.J. Novak, jk! But seriously, so many people write TV show episodes…   Read Story »
A funny subplot in an otherwise sort of blah episode: Ryan helps Kelly break up with Darryl and finds it surprisingly easy: We'd better not have heard the last of Darryl on this subject.…   Read Story »
On last week's premiere of The Office, Kelly Kapor hilariously talked about her "cleanse" -- one of those fasts where you consume only lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup in an…   Read Story »
I'm putting this up as a public service for anyone who knows anyone who is planning to do or has ever done the bit of ridiculousness known as "the master cleanse." Because this is exactly what people…   Read Story »