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This is a picture of Khloe Kardashian posing with her dentist, Kevin B. Sands, after he installed (is that the right word?) Invisalign braces in the reality star's face. VERY COOL! We get to enjoy…   Read Story »
Just a few months after Rob Kardashian triumphantly launched his Arthur George line of handsome socks for sophisticated men, Radar Online is reporting that Nieman Marcus who carries the sock line…   Read Story »
Up until this morning, everything I knew about Scott Disick I had learned from Gabe Delahaye: He is on the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, he at one point had an eye patch, and he is Gabe…   Read Story »
As you know, Videogum is a huge supporter of the Kardashian family (Except for Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Those two Nightmare Monsters need to be locked in a dark library for a couple of hundred…   Read Story »
I know that Kardashian related posts don't do that well on this site because everyone WENT TO COLLEGE and thinks they are SUPERIOR TO REGULAR AMERICANS, but they are OUR ROYALTY, so why don't you GET…   Read Story »
Something a lot of people were talking about on Tuesday (at least a lot of people on the Internet, to my knowledge) (do people ever talk about things anywhere else?) (where?) (what's it like?) (fwd…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: hey kelly! Gabe: what's up? Kelly: Nothing! Just heated up coffee from before, about to have some. What's up with you? Gabe: oh that's really cool Kelly: Not…   Read Story »
Last night during his appearance on The Tonight Show, President Obama finally addressed the Kardashian issue, admitting that he's never even SEEN the show. Oh, brother. This guy.   Read Story »
It can be difficult sometimes to determine where politicians stand on certain issues. This is because each and every one of them is a John Kerry flip-flopper and none of them are ever to be trusted.…   Read Story »