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Last night I watched the Katie Couric Grammy Special (yes, second mention today, it was a TREASURE TROVE) and found out who Katy Perry is, and also the only thing interesting about her: she's seen…   Read Story »
We already knew from the preview clip of Katie Couric's pre-Grammy interview with Lil Wayne that it was going to be filled with classic Weezy F. Crazy. He spits bonkers like hot fire! The full, 11…   Read Story »
As part of Katie Couric's "All Access" Grammy Special, which airs next Wednesday, she interviews Lil Wayne. Or maybe "interviews" is the wrong word. She looks at Lil Wayne with a straight face while…   Read Story »
I watched the CBS Evening News With Katie Couric last night, where Katie and correspondent Randall Pinkston stood on what appeared to be a traffic island in the middle of the West Side Highway to…   Read Story »
Nobody expects the CBS Evening News to be hilarious, but last night's tongue-in-cheek report on the ongoing war between three competing "largest ball of twine" makers who totally hate each other made…   Read Story »
Weird. Friday night, the Friar's Club had a surprise roast of noted comedian Matt Lauer, and even Tom Cruise showed up to make fun of him (using his own material!) This morning The Today Show aired…   Read Story »
Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Silverman for CBS Sunday Morning this week, introducing Sarah's controversial comedy to the kind of audience who watches CBS Sunday Morning (you know, old people.) But…   Read Story »
This video is a couple of days old. But the expression "so what!" is even older. (via Mark Lisanti) I would just like to make it very clear that the reason this is funny has nothing to do with…   Read Story »
Eek, another weak Saturday Night Live propped into respectability by Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Anna Faris didn't "suck", per se, she just wasn't in any good sketches. Here were the two funny parts,…   Read Story »