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Poor Kathy Griffin. She just can't catch a break. It seems like her whole life has been one long story of struggle and heartbreak. For years, she has been cast in comedic roles on sitcoms and had a…   Read Story »
Welcome back! Did we miss anything? The only event worth turning on my computer to see last week was Kathy Griffin's New Year's Eve slip-up on CNN, in which an innocent conversation with Anderson…   Read Story »
Kathy Griffin, a woman who avoids self-promotion at every opportunity (after this post I'm turning myself into the Sarcasm Police for crimes against hilarity), is suing whoever owns the URL…   Read Story »
Two weeks ago, in response to a contest Kathy Griffin posted on her website that offered one lucky (lucky?) fan the chance to meet her, we decided to host our own contest offering our readers the…   Read Story »
Kathy Griffin made a video to both welcome you to her MySpace page and remind you that she is the worst. I've said this before, but just so that there isn't any confusion, Kathy Griffin is the…   Read Story »
Kathy Griffin is holding a contest in which fans (she has fans!) can win a chance to meet what some people have called Neediness Incarnate (hint: some people write this blog): MAKE A VIDEO AND MEET…   Read Story »
So there was this on the TV set when I went there last night: Whoever conceived of that show and wrote that description has made it impossible not to say this: Where's an IED when you really need…   Read Story »
lindsay: Kathy Griffin's assistant quit. gabe: the only news there gabe: is that she had an assistant for that long gabe: you'd think the turnover rate for Kathy Griffin's Assistant would be really…   Read Story »
It's becoming impossible to quietly dismiss Kathy Griffin while simultaneously not really caring. No less a publication than The New York Times, in an article yesterday called "Kathy Griffin Just…   Read Story »
Kathy Griffin: the worst or not? Just kidding, she's the worst. That woman is made out of orange plastic. And that's just her personality! So Bravo's first award show, The A-List Awards, airs…   Read Story »