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Kathie Lee Gifford is kind of a mystery to me. Hear me out, here. We all know she seemed pretty awful in the '90s, but all morning show people are always awful, and the two major things that happened…   Read Story »
There was a big Cosby Show reunion on both the regular Today Show and the fourth hour with Kathie and Hoda this morning, presided over by patriarch Bill Cosby, who was...intense, argumentative,…   Read Story »
This morning as part of their "Today Takes On" series, where the Today Show crew tries new things, the gang painted their interpretations of live nude models with an instructor. This is the salient…   Read Story »
Guess who has a Google alert for Hoda Kotb? Probably only one person in the world, including Hoda Kotb: me. But it finally paid off today when someone posted this video of a Hawaiian landmark clearly…   Read Story »
Though this time they just got an in-studio with Kathie Lee and Hoda during the fourth hour instead of an outdoor Plaza event, so at least things seem to be settling down, or "picking up steam, in…   Read Story »
Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb are really excited about all of their Facebook friends, so they've been having an intern or assistant chick read questions and comments aloud to them live on the show. This…   Read Story »
The Today Show spent seven minutes, three "journalists", and one doctor of their fourth hour today on the investigation of CLEAVAGE. This included interviewing drunk people in bars about cleavage,…   Read Story »
The Today Show does weird shit every year for Halloween, but this year was extra-embarrassing, with the cast dressed up as fairy tale characters acting out an awkward, muddled story narrated by…   Read Story »
It's hard to admit this, but I'm kind of coming around on Kathie Lee. Sure, she treats Hoda the way the Heathers treated Winona Ryder, but I'm starting to subscribe to the "They have an…   Read Story »
gabe: who is worse for the country gabe: sarah palin or serena van der woodsen? lindsay: Well definitely Palin. gabe: no, i mean as president gabe: just kidding gabe: a serena van der woodsen…   Read Story »