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Beautiful in its simplicity. (Via WarmingGlow.)   Read Story »
The man you're looking at right now is Former College Humor comedy actor Thomas Middleditch, who has been cast as Dwight Schrute’s brother Jeb in the Office spinoff that I totally forgot about…   Read Story »
DirecTV, whatever that is, has a very correct description for Fast Five. -FilmDrunk The New York Times did a wonderful little piece on Scott Aukerman and Comedy Bang Bang and you should read it…   Read Story »
This morning, on the fourth hour of the Today Show, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford were discussing the 11th-hour vote held yesterday to approve a budget agreement that would, at least temporarily,…   Read Story »
You might be thinking, "Hey Kelly, I don't know what you're doing here with this turtle GIF. A turtle didn't ride on a record this week, I would have definitely remembered if that happened." Oh yeah?…   Read Story »
On the fourth hour of this morning's Today Show, Sebastian taught Hoda and Kathie Lee how to get "the Brazilian butt." The work out seems to consist primarily of dancing however you want to and…   Read Story »
Kathie Lee and Hoda are in Montreal for the next two days for some reason? Enough talk, get to the dancing GIFs! Bonus Kathie Lee spilling her own beer hat GIF after the jump: VIVE LA…   Read Story »
As you can see by the large GIF at the top of this post, this has been QUITE a week for GIFs. More than just the way that every week is quite a week for GIFs, you might be asking? Well it's hard to…   Read Story »
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So, I've been watching a lot more of the fourth hour of the Today Show lately. Whatever. Only God can judge me. Also, everyone should be doing this. The fourth hour of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb…   Read Story »