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The New York Post attempts to explain how so many stars got involved in this awful-looking comedy that none of them wanted to be in or promote. In theaters Friday!   Read Story »
Over the holidays, while everyone was busy enjoying some well-deserved time with their friends and family, Kate Winslet was also being a normal human being just doing the things that human beings…   Read Story »
Kate Winslet would like to point out that, compared to how they looked in Titanic, she is thinner now and Leonardo DiCaprio is fatter. That is all. Goodnight! -Dlisted There's going to be a short…   Read Story »
Ladies, I'm so sorry. Your masterpiece! It's ruined! From ContactMusic: The director unveiled a 3D version of his multi-Oscar winning classic last month (Mar12) and he resisted the temptation to…   Read Story »
The actress says the hit song from 2012's Titanic 3D makes her "feel like throwing up." More on this story as it develops.   Read Story »
As we all know, there are only 143 days until the re-release of James Cameron's Titanic in 3D on April 6th, 2012. "AHHHH!" Right? That "AHHHH!" was supposed to be pictured as a frazzled woman with…   Read Story »
It's Adam Sandler's 45th birthday today! HOORAY! Happy Birthday to him. Movieline would like to know what you think his finest onscreen moment is. I don't know why they bother asking when everyone…   Read Story »
The recent trend of celebrities revealing themselves as heros continues today with unlikely celebrity hero, Kate Winslet! Remember how after the Titanic sank she wanted to float around by herself on…   Read Story »
I have often said that if I ever won an Oscar, I would keep it in the bathroom as a conversation piece. I'm sure that I picked up this GREAT and serious idea that is real and that I will definitely…   Read Story »